Congratulations everyone!

Scotch Plains Township has decided to purchase the Cooper Road Island
property and move
d to protect it.  
Our Group:

Chairperson- Don Cardiff
Treasurer- Carol Jeney
Secretary- Geraldine Keogh
Spokesperson- Bob Jeney

Please send contributions to:
Jeney & Jeney Trust Account
1953 Westfield Avenue
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
The Cooper Road Island, with its flat mowed lawn on one half and its wooded hill
on the other, is an asset of the entire neighborhood.  Its beauty is important, not
only to those who live near it but to those who drive by it, also.  We view the
island as a nature preserve, with its own plant life and animal life, and a stream
that flows through the neighborhood.  
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Save The Cooper Road Island
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