Attention parents!!!  

Let's connect the children of our community to the important issues of extreme development,
open space and passive parks as we simultaneously provide an example of community activism
and neighborhood solidarity.

As the Save Cooper Island community initiative grows and we prepare for Saturday's rally, it
seems that we have an ideal opportunity to involve our children in this important effort.

Parents please ask your children to  donate their artistic talents in time for Saturday's rally.  We
are asking parents to supply poster size oaktag; colorful markers and to ask kids to include the or logos.   Kids just need to supply their
imaginations,   be as creative as possible and  to incorporate themes of nature and the
environment in the posters.   This is a terrific way to connect people and issues through art.  By
linking our children to this important effort, we provide a positive experience and example of civic
action and community involvement and have lots of interesting and colorful posters for the rally.  
We also stimulate the interest and minds of the younger members of our community so that the
dialogue around the Cooper Road Island and other examples of extreme development can be
brought into the schools and into the conversations that take place at the dinner table or on the
way to soccer practice.

Working together, we can safeguard our environment and our community for our children and
the future.

Cooper Road
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
Save The Cooper Road Island
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